DeJesus Trust & Company, Inc., doing business as The DeJesus Organization, is a privately held American real estate and construction holding company headquartered in Boston, MA. It's subsidiary companies include DeJesus Industries, DeJesus Paving Corp, Ark Smart Homes + Development, Fifth Avenue Media, and The DeJesus Group.

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Our commercial side of the business remains strong and has served, and continues to serve, some of the biggest brands in the world across a diverse set of industries.


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DeJesus Trust & Co. issues 275,000 shares in preparation for initial rounds of syndicate funding

In late August 2018, DeJesus Trust & Co., the parent company of Ark Smart Homes + Development, issued 275,000 shares (CWP) through the office of the Massachusetts Secretary of State. Read More

DTC archives a 5 year skyscraper proposal 40 years from 2019

DeJesus Trust & Co. hopes to be a leading company in the real estate and construction industries. As a result it has publicly archived a preliminary proposal to be reviewed 40 years later to be approved by its Board of Directors to erect a 70 story skyscraper, allegedly to be called The DeJesus Tower.  Review here


Why DeJesus Trust & Co. launched the 'Ark project'​

It was in the year 2007 that millions of people from across the globe witnessed one of the greatest events in history-- Apple Inc. releasing the first generation of the iPhone. It truly created a disruption in how society functions and marked a dramatic shift and turn of attention to technological advancement. Read More